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Sharon Marcus

I knew Mira in the 70s and was sorry that we completely lost touch when she moved to the Southwest. I remember her as a thoughtful and compassionate person, full of ideas and energy.

Patricia Toolan

Mirra was such a beautiful host to me when I came to Oregon as part of my Churchill Fellowship in 2002. Mirra took me to so many different Oregon cemeteries to show me their survival roses. Mirra was a mover and shaker and I can see I only knew a small part of her in our short time together. What a wonderful legacy and much love.

Mike Williams

My condolences to you Jarrett and her friends. There are some gorgeous pieces in the gallery above; pieces #1488 and #1583 are particularly evocative. I think she would have been a fine stained glass artist if she had turned to that medium.

Mara Stahl

With love, we recall Mirra’s warmth as a friend and work as an artist. Our most cherished memory is of her eyes. Those glorious eyes looked out into the natural world, then transformed the energy of its roots and branches into stunning work. And we could look into those eyes, eyes which both saw beauty and were seen as beauty. She lives on in the art of her being. Thank you, Jarrett, for your care.

Msra Stahl and Ken Gerner

Dan Boyle

Jarrett, condolences on your mom's passing. Never easy, but I'm sure she was proud of you.

Paul & Man-Ching

I first met Mirra at an exhibition in Oregon in 1977. Our friendship grew over the years as I visited Oregon; and she was a happy and supportive witness at our wedding in Portland. Mirra stayed at and looked after our house near Canberra and our dogs while we were away in Switzerland. The dogs loved her and formed a close bond with her. Mirra became very active in the Canberra and New South Wales community building a vibrant network of good friends. She saw the antipodean environment through delighted eyes which inspired her art. The violence of bush fire inspired her as did the eucalypts which appeared in her art. Mirra’s presence will be missed, while at the same time she lives on in our hearts. Our thoughts and love are with you Jarrett. Paul & Man-Ching.

Mary Rizk

Jarrett, I'm shocked and saddened to hear of Mirra's death.

David and I met her and Max R. in 1969 and continued contact through the years, even after our move to Australia -- though we did lose touch in the last number of years.

We have a couple of her pieces of art. I'll try to get a pics of them and email them to you.

Fondly, Mary Rizk

Boni Deal

As a fellow batik artist, I greatly admired the batik of Mirra Meyer (then Lou Robillard). Dave and I enjoyed meeting with her and other members of the Oregon Designer-Craftsmen's Guild during the 1970s. We send our sincere condolences to Jarret and family & friends. Best, Boni & Dave Dealatik

Cheryl Snow

I send condolences to you...... I knew your mother in the 70s & 80s via Portland’s small (at the time!) arts scene. She was prominent then & admired by all. We reconnected decades later, during my arts administration career, when she was with the Cemeteries program. Life goes by so quickly... she was a bright light.


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