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Everett Keyser

Using the most appropriate product available would be a dream, but so long as we are fettered with capitalism and a growth-based economy, it is just a dream. Vertical integration exists to control costs, and to provide specific features (Google and Apple's maps are good examples).

The alternative is something akin to running a blog. Platforms like Drupal provide the most freedom, and Squarespace the least (Wordpress, and Joomla fall somewhere in the middle). The user experiences on those platforms invariably falls on the bumpier end of the UX spectrum compared to the ease with which we use our phones. More freedom, means more choices that need to be made.

An intriguing model to me is the W3C; one I think is worth trying for a while. It creates standards which can be restrictive, but which also creates a playing field. Are you suggesting some kind or organization like this, but for mobile? Should the W3C extend its reach?

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