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This would have been so much better an image of life springing from death than the oak tree. If only Tolstoy had grown up in California!

Great post,


Beautiful! And very reminicent of mountain laurel in architecture.


Fascinating post, Jarrett. I love your vivid descriptions of this plant's life, and think maybe the reason you don't like opera more is that you have the plants.

Is manzanita native to California?



Oh, gosh. I was encouraging one of my students recently about a recipe book she's working on. I told her I read my favorite ones for the writing and not for the recipes. And, though -- sadly -- nothing sticks with me about plants, I just love how you say it. This cracked me up:

"And of course, they die magnificently, a screaming silver-white that recalls New Caledonian ferns. (Is my taste in plants too operatic, and if so, why don't I like opera more than I do?)"

Just delightful, Jarrett.

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