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Beautiful post, Jarrett. Breathtaking. I will come back and read it again.



:-) My favorite sentence here was:

Unsure if this nous includes me, I can feel embraced and rejected in the same gesture, a consummate Parisian sensation.

Miss Bliss

"There will be no miracles, so there must be art." I think I want this tattooed on my body.


Laden with memorable sentences. Thanks for another great travel essay.


J, I'm with you in Parc de Buttes Chaumont, I was there earlier this year, the old limestone mine. I'm not sure if you're saying art and miracles are either or, or mutually exclusive. Without miracles there is no art, I think, only stuff called art. Art is channelled. There is self-expression and there is Art.

Paris Hotels

I think there is art or we can called it as self expression. It is not any miracle. I visited paris last year with my boy friend. It was very successful trip. We enjoyed lot there as well as it was very cheap as we booked our ticket thru LMT.

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