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Denis Wilson

I find that if the right words don't come to the front of my brain, I tend to speak more slowly and loudly?
Then I realise I sound like a gibbering idiot, and leave the room in embarrassment.


I'm afraid it is something like a LIFO queue: I've had the same experience -- always finding the most recent language first. Especially frustrating when I really know the language I'm trying to use much better than the more recent acquisition!

Generally I find everyone but Parisians quite forgiving, though. You only really need fifty or sixty percent of the words to be in the right language to make yourself understood :-)


I think Dale is right. And I have learned 6 different languages, and they all pile up in my head too, tumbling out any old way. But as Dale also said, most non-English speakers are quite appreciative of one's efforts, however lacking.


Miss Bliss

So far it appears that I have the same problem with languages that I have with card games and rope knots...I can't retain them. At all. It's pathetic.

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