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Journey well, Jarrett!

Thank you for this. Always you "cleanse the doors of perception."


Safe travels Jarrett.


"I sometimes think I'll be the last person to whom that distinction matters..."

Jarrett this immediately struck a note, of course, but there are many people around me who think,e.g., the internet is real life.

I'm currently reading Temple Grandin's new book, and in the section on wildlife, she says of the current state of animal research: "Instead of people studying the real animals in their natural habitats, researchers use fancy statistical software to construct statistical models, and then they study the models" and that many scientists think that unless they use sophisticated mathematics, their study lacks scientific rigor.

But meanwhile, what do they learn?



A haunting image. Thanks.

Miss Bliss

Wow...you and Teresa bring up a portion of this issue that bothers me deeply. It is astounding to me how quickly we have lost our ability to truly understand the difference between actually seeing something and seeing a version of that something. Reality TV is one of the most pervasive examples of this. It blows my mind that anyone believes that they are watching people do anything remotely "real" or natural on those shows. What it does is continue to blur the line between their perception and understanding of REAL and television. Then to read Teresa saying that well educated scientists are neglecting in person study of their subjects...I really do see this as a problem. I love computers and all the possibilities they bring to us, I love television and all the possibilities it brings to us...what I do not love is our tendency to accept the "easier, softer way" when it have been proven over and over to be detrimental to our well being.

NO idea if that made any sense...and I should just got write and essay about this as I feel strongly about it.

Safe travels...love you Jarrett.

Miss Bliss

Please forgive the typos that make me sound like a nutjob.

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