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Denis Wilson

Hi Jarrett
Just one comment, which is not being "reported" in the mainstream media.
The US Government apparently pressured the Internet providers not to take the system down for routine maintenance (OK - That was "reported"). But it was not interpreted.
Clearly, there is a US foreign policy interest in keeping the "twittering" going.
It is only a step away from recognising this as an incipient revolution - inspired by or supported by - the US Government.
I am NOT taking sides on this, but I am keen to see it recognised for what it is.
Shades of the "Orange Revolution: in Ukraine? and the "Rose revolution" in Georgia?
I suspect that this may turn out - in a year or two to be a "manipulated" popular uprising - one which would clwearly suit US foreign policy.
Still, a "Twittering Revolution" is better than a pre-emptive nuclear strike, which the previous President (whose name I cannot bring myself to mention) might have preferred.
Thanks for an interesting post.

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