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This gave me shivers. The idea of going that fast, and of being that far from anywhere, and of traveling that many miles (I assume the 1482 is kilometres), and of being dependent on a car that is dependent on gas (petrol).

I don't drive either, Jarrett, but I always have a back-up plan for any trip I go on. Going out there with only a car and a friend sounds pretty iffy. You don't need to be a coward to want to avoid a trip like that.

Not for solo travelers, I'm thinkin'.



Lovely description. I've never been to NT, but I've always wanted to visit.

I found you via 'mole' a few weeks back, and really enjoy reading your blog.

Miss Bliss

Ya know...of everyone I know from the time in my life when I SHOULD have taken an across country road trip...you are one of the few that I think I would still enjoy doing it with today.


130? Until a few years back, everywhere that was 130km/h speed limited in the Territory, was unrestricted. I recall being south of Alice Springs, cruising at 170km/h, and being overtaken by more than one other vehicle. 130 just seems so slow when you're in the Territory. But, you should (read must) hire a car and do the trip up the centre. Personally, I prefer to head north from Adelaide and end up in Alice, but that's just my preference.


I read your post with interest. The Butterfly farm now has a new lessee and amidst a change to less idiosyncratic and probably no more representative of what Batchelor really is to the locals. The town of Batchelor is the people and it is old-fashioned Territory style to entertain and be entertained, enjoy local produce and luxuriate in the climate where you can feel closer to the stars than Darwin's Mitchell Street, let alone a city anywhere.
Travel well.
Darryl at the Batchelor Pad.

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