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Denis Wilson

Hi Jarrett
I like the term "bush bashing", myself for what some of my more enthusiastic bushwalking friends do. My own style I refer to as "rambling", which is suitably ambiguous, I feel. Your "hacking" also has the unfortunate Internet ambiguity about it.
Loved your photo of the Liana.
Did you see any Strangler Figs? They have remarkable structures once they have suffocated the original support in tree, and it has rotted out. A feature of the northern Illawarra Escarpment rainforests.


Isn't the thing with dense bush and rainforest the use of the hands and arms, the alternate separation left right, the constant weight shifting ('thr'), the uneven progress and times of retreat and detour?So while it isn't especially onomatopoeic, 'forge' comes to mind, a bit of force, a bit of forward, a bit of go, without being overly or overtly (or both) destructive.

That said, 'walking' through a rainforest displays a considerable Australian flair for understatement, quite nice really.


Wow! Jarrett, these photos take me out of myself completely and toss me into the void. It's a good place for learning. ( And I did not know that about liana. thanks!) That last photo seems almost to have a creature in it (of reptilian look). The idea of not getting clear view except at the edges resonates with me as writer and dancer, and of course the overall post makes me want to quit work early and go look up stuff in the library.


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