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(Yes, I've found it remarkable how un-compelling the "street views" usually are, too. "The attraction of random views" turns out actually to be "the attraction of a random selection of views that have arrested other people's eyes.")

Wonderful meditation on shopping!

Denis Wilson

Hi Jarrett

You certainly have assessed the function of the market well.

As for this comment: "young people of your preferred sex hailing you seductively in cafes etc." - that would do more than lower our carbon footprints. You would have Google Earth replace all those video shops renting out nasty little videos. If someone at Google reads this, it will only be a matter of time till it happens.

I hope 2009 is good for you.



Frodo in Mordor. That's exactly it. I get a wave of nausea going into most stores. Especially 3rd circle of Hell, glitz-stained overly-filled-with-stuff-we-don't-need or want "grocery" stores.

And the street views on Google Earth, the cut off corners in Barcelona, a couple of flaneurs on the loose, enjoying what can't be named exactly.... filled my head up with ideas right to the brim.

Thanks, Jarrett. And happy new year.


Daniel Otero

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Daniel Otero

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