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I couldn't tell you what it might mean, but I'm inclined to believe it.

That sentence & those coconuts both somehow seem like things that would be at home in a Wim Wenders movie. (I mean that as a kind of compliment.)


Wow. I love all this, but especially the meditation on the back and forth of coconuts.


Jarrett, this beautifully written post has given me two phrases to let simmer in my mind this weekend: that inability of satellites to outlast the clouds and the back/forth, back/ forth motion of coconuts in the sea.

And even if the natural seniority of the universe confer intelligence, us short-lived humans are not likely to come to know this, are we.

Or are we?



Great food for contemplation, Jarrett. Thanks.


Wonderful movement from travelogue to contemplation, as Dave puts it, though contemplation pervades this piece.

And ending with a meditation on a tree. Like Faulkner's The Bear. Like Obama's Dreams from My Father (pp. 436-37). I love this piece.


Don't you hate it when that happens?

Two years ago my family spent Thanksgiving in a state in the Deep South, expecting very warm temperatures. Instead, it was in the fifties and sixties the entire time we were there.

Philip Gleeson

I suspect that I'll always be known as the scientist who dissects your posts and thereby destroys the romance, but today I have been belatedly georeferencing all my photos from New Caledonia and the beach we visited is well to the northwest of your google image and visible from space.

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