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Wow! How cool.

Teresa Gilman

New Caledonia seems to be the place that makes plants do things they wouldn't normally do. Like when a person goes on vacation. ;-)

Interesting, Jarrett. I always learn something from your posts.


Denis Wilson

Hi Jarrett
Some of our Aussie Lomandras have interesting twists. One which grows in the sandstone plateaux south of Sydney is known informally as the Centipede plant. It looks more like a fern at first glance, than a Lomandra. Flower shows it is a Lomandra.
Lomandra obliqua. http://plantnet.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/cgi-bin/NSWfl.pl?page=nswfl&lvl=sp&name=Lomandra~obliqua

Miss Bliss

Sigh...You noticed the back light...I'm so proud.

Crafty Green Poet

wow, I love the squiggles in the growth pattern...

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