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Whoa! A pubic hair plant. (Sorry, but to me the association is inescapable :->)

Philip Gleeson

Well, at the risk of appearing terribly anal, here's a polite correction. Dracophyllum is a genus of weird spiky plants in the Gondwanand subfamily Styphelioideae of the Ericaceae (formerly classed as the family Epacridaceae). The plant in the picture is an uncurling new frond of a species of Blechnum, which I wasn't able to identify. I might have thrown you by referring to the bizarre form of a Dracophyllum. The Blechnum ferns weren't particularly bizarre, only if you take to their new fronds with an artistic eye.

The image that the frond brought to my mind from that angle was the ribs of a boat, like looking into the prow of a Viking ship. I guess I'm just not as sex-obsessed as I thought I was.

Teresa Gilman

Well, I thought it looked like wings. Or a piece of jewelry. Lovely whatever it looks like.

And your partner's blog about the SLR... Very interesting.



For the record, I've corrected the error to which Phil refers above.


why is that plant called

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