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Philip Gleeson

After you left I was invited along to the Femmes Funck festival, a live music festival showcasing various acts from the region as well as some blow-ins from the US, France and Australia. To my surprise, the festival was held at the Tjibao Cultural Centre which I had only seen as a rather staid museum during the day. At night on the weekend with the energy of the festival it was transformed, and sitting in the grassy amphitheatre watching the live music in the stadium, with Renzo Piano's creation rising behind I wished that I had brought my camera and tripod. For it was a truly beautiful site and with the festival it had come alive. Your comments still stand though for the site was an utterly impractical location in terms of transport. There actually is a busline that runs out to the centre, but predictably most festivalgoers had arrived by car, and the parking stretched all the way back to the roundabout at the entrance to the Tina peninsula. In a spot of luck we got a spot right near the centre, but on leaving we picked up a group of four who were hitchhiking to get back to their car!

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