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:-) Just got done night-swimming in the cold rain, myself.

But Vega flickered into being in a deep blue sky pool, for a moment, before leaving for California.


Beautiful and informative. I love the next-to-last paragraph.


I like you last lines too. No death; big problem!

I was carless in Eugene for a year. I mostly stayed in town and new nothing of the countryside. I did eventually get into the woods near Coos Bay in the tow of a house-mate and a friend of his visiting from out of town. I was very oppressed by the fog and the disorienting carpet of identical evergreens, none with more than a six inch diameter. It was all walls and no rooms! I guess we went to the wrong place. It was late afternoon when we scratched through the thicket for a hundred yards or so until we came to an old logging road and set up camp in the opening. The evening passed as I listened to them rehash their hard feelings toward each other vis a vie a girlfriend they had had in common. Aeeii! I think I had been asked along because they really couldn't stand each other.

It's been a cool summer here in Missouri, and no, I haven't thought it was August.


Vis a vis. I'm nearly illiterate! I don't read much, nevertheless I'm learning to write!


A lovely post. Yes, I guess I had implicitly assumed you were enjoying summer, not the sort of unpleasantly hot summer day you might get in Sydney in February, but warm at least. It still looks lovely though, and places don't have to be warm to be appealing. I love southwest WA in the spring, for it's wildflowers, despite it's being cold and often rainy at that time of year.

Teresa Gilman

Ooh! Your last two sentences, Jarrett. It says well what you are talking about. Lovely. And the photos make me get BIGTIME wanderlust.. Fog and mist. Two of my favorite places. It seems you are walking through heaven. Lucky you. Lucky Oregon.



That last photo and line made me breath deeply. I could almost feel the mist swirling into my lungs.

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