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What an exquisite experience, and so beautifully told, Jarrett. I love this exploration of the middle distance.


Oh, wow! Great post. I love "radioactive cuteness!" :->


That next to last sentence just killed me. Great nature essay!


I like how you watch yourself watch the koala. Your "inner dramatist" spared the koala, but it's fun watching it at work on you!

Miss Bliss

"almost radioactive cuteness that can cause small mental burns"...AWESOME!

Denis Wilson

Nice to meet you, via our blogs. Very nice observation, and expression.
I have not seen a Koala in years, and I live in the bush (well, nearly).
I am always looking on the ground, for Orchids, so I probably walk below them without noticing.


Hi. I followed your link on Dale's site awhile ago. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks.


Thanks, everyone!


Jarrett, I've read this several times. You've shown so well how sight has to do with more than eyes, in fact sometimes very little. The gradual dawning on you of what was in that tree....your imagination most of all. You've shown us how to go "on vacation", how very subjective the world is.

The "small mental burns" is brilliant. And seeing close up rather than from afar, the ways each presents you with visual experience. That koala is more of a creature up in his tree than in a zoo, where he is a specimen.

My sister stayed with me for a couple days recently and was woken by unfamiliar sounds once or twice in the night. She told me that she lay there imagining what the noise was, and once she thought up a "reasonable" scenario she could fall back to sleep. And of course her versions of what caused the noises were absurd, and we laughed over them. But in the half-sleep state one sometimes seeks reassurance over clarity. It's a bird up in that tree; not a bear. I can go back to sleep.

Wonderful post, Jarrett. I'm sorry this comment is so long; I didn't take the time to make it short.


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