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I guess it's easy and commonplace to say that this could turn into a book. But, unlike my ideas for books, this one could make, you know, money.

"Mars and Venus on the Highway"? (You could back off from the stereotypes in the text, of course . . .)

Miss Bliss

Oh I agree with Peter...what a good idea!


It is easier to describe my hometown when I am away from it, as now. The city is built on hills and drumlins. It's on the most polluted lake in the country (according to some news article or other) though they are "working on" that. There is a Haudesone reservation just south of town, and the rolling hills in the distance as one drives the interstate highway southward is one of the loveliest views on earth. Central New York in spring summer and fall is hard to leave. If I didn't love this place where I am now on a month's vacation [see blog post], I'd always have winter vacations.

To get to my town you can drive, fly, take bus or train, bicycle. Once here, there is bus service and not much traffic. [We have a "rush minute" at 5:00 o'clock]. The city is dominated by the University, which is the second largest employer (after the SUNY Medical Ctr.].

There are loads of trees in the city, even though a fierce "micro-burst" of a storm that raged through on Labor Day in 1998, took over 30,000 of them down, lowering the horizon noticeably.

There is an effort to revive the downtown [as in most middle sized cities in USA] but in my opinion it will not work unless they do something about the interstate that was built in the 60s and which cuts the city in half. I think it could go underground, though as the city is built largely on a swamp, that might cause further problems. Still, there are graduates from the College of Engineering every spring.

The winter is the least appealing time of year in my city, but it only lasts 5 months, despite what many complainers say. It is fierce and character-building, with great falls of snow that come off the Great Lake that is just to the west of us.

The art scene is good, and there are wonderful people here.

That's all for now.


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