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I'm glad you took Theresa's question on. By concentrating on one sense, you bring in the rest and help me feel Delhi.

I love your sidebar category "Now Rereading."

Teresa Gilman

Jarrett, the reading was a delight. Such good writing.

Best phrases: "....scouring rivers of desire that pour through the wide boulevards...." and "...an orange sound on a dirty white background..."

The longing to be somewhere else. You must have that in good measure, considering all the places you've lived. In reading what you wrote about the constant noise I realized how much I take for granted a certain amount of quiet. Not absolute silence, but the absence of certain kinds of racket [e.g., car noise, boombox thud, hollering, machinery].

But the human creature adjusts, doesn't it. Whatever seems strange to one may in time become familiar and comforting. And you've given me an idea for a poem: war, sex and the monsoon.



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