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Jarrett, these accounts of your time in India are fascinating. I think they sell the seeds of that tree or one like it now here at the Davis Food Coop for doing laundry with (there are multiple shades of "greener" laundry in that aisle).

Keep them coming please...

Teresa Gilman

I'm interested in what you say about solitude and crowds. My sister, one of the middle children in our family, in which I am the oldest sister, says a similar thing about herself. She loves to be with others, to snuggle, to sleep with other persons, etc. Whereas, I prefer solo everything. She once said: I was born into a crowd, whereas you were used to being the only daughter until I came along.

Jarrett, you blog posts of this trip to India make very interesting reading.



Miss Bliss

Some of my happiest memories are of chatting with you at various places around the Claremont Colleges about plays, music, men, women and life in general. I have often thought that you are the perfect person to run into on a college campus, at least you were often the perfect person for ME to run into anyway.

Jarrett at HumanTransit.org

Pica, Teresa, Bliss:

Thank you for the kind words. I have a couple more India pieces in the pipeline. Please nag me if you don't see them soon!

Cheers, Jarrett


When I studied dance in Chennai (then Madras) in the 70s I was dying for privacy. One day I had a little time to myself, and a large group of girl students turned up to keep me company, sure that I would be lonely... I'm enjoying this very much. Thank you for it.

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