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Something's working for me in that last shot, though. Are those mountains to the left of the shore? Is the dark substance in the water the mountains' reflection or their extension into the sea? What accounts for the abstract shapes in the water? Clouds' reflections?

The shots look otherworldly, all of them. I guess that's because I'm used to photos of only other worlds from this distance.

But the second shot -- the one with the owl and the raven fighting? -- doesn't look so otherworldly now.


The last image is a very long, very flat beach -- from Fraser Island, Queensland. The reddish things in the NW are lakes of some sort, appearing amid a flat expanse of coastal scrub that can often appear red from the air. I suspect that if all the reds were greens, this picture wouldn't be as interesting. It's the sense of familiar landscape but wrong color that makes it otherworldly. Australia does that to me all the time.

Glad you saw an owl and a raven. It may have been the green pic's resemblence to surrealist things my stepfather was painting 35 years ago that got me seeing Google Earth this way.



Silvia / Salix

Very cool images! I love the green "watercolor" one, it's just beautiful! It's amazing the images that can be found on our own planet.

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