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I enjoy your reviews of cities: Perth, Paris, and now Las Vegas. You hang fine ribs of experience and culture on your reviews' architectural backbones.

Kerry Summers

These are my thoughts, about Las Vegas, I look at many things that restrict us from shade, i.e. building lightweight lattice covers that shade us from the elements, keep many homes cooler. Let us all face it, if the ground around our homes are cooler, it does what?
1. Uses less water and electricity
2. Makes a good environment for our neighborhoods.
3. The city and county need to look at the workers need in this environment.
4. Good shade trees such as the Fruitless Mulberry are banned, why? They say it is the pollen.
5. So where do we go from here? In all honesty I will probably break the current restrictions to prove a point. Shade is good, despite what the City or County envokes on people. It is energy conservation, if I build light weight lattice covers on my property, I can add to the value of my home, by growing plants and landscape. I love green plants, green lawns, for those of us who work in this environment. So this is what I will choose to do. We can all cool down areas around our properties with light weight lattice covers that keep the ground cool, and lower our water consumption, and elecric bills. Maybe, just maybe, there should be a program that rewards us for such things?
Put up a rebate, or relax restrictions on codes, and let the people of this town be cooler.
Kerry Summers
I will also ask Oscar Goodman about this.
Let me know what you think. Always looking for a good ideal.
Reply to me if you are interested, in these ideals, keep your cool and save money.

Las Vegas Hotels

Of course its hard to sustain disapproval about The Strip! Its incredible whenever I go to Vegas using Last Minute Travel I am always amazed at how beautiful the architecture is.

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