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Miss Bliss

I adore you. I got your message late last night. I will not be home this evening but perhaps we can catch up tomorrow evening before you leave SF on Thursday???? I'll try to call you...

scott sorochak

loved the post and let me know where you're releasing the book...I'll be in San Fran today and I just might pick this up for myself!
Best Regards,
Scott Sorochak
CEO BookCrossing



I left it in the Reverie Cafe at Frederick & Cole in San Francisco. Oddly, though, your site doesn't seem to recognize the BCID anymore.

Honored to hear from the CEO!


chich from BookCrossing

The reason why the BCID wasn't recognized by the system is because you got two of the numbers mixed-up:) Here's the right BCID: 597-4079387

Welcome to the wonderful world of BookCrossing:)


Tried copying your number. Still doesn't work.

chich from BookCrossing

Sorry, I made a mistake when typing the BCID, here's the one that works:


what a great idea

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