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Interesting post, thank you. I'd never stopped to consider the Australian city "template" before but now see that it is just that. I've only been to Perth a couple of times but remember it chiefly for its vivid whiteness... whereas Sydney has that dirty sandstone colour, Melbourne is all blue-grey, and Brisbane is infused with a golden beeryness. Really enjoying this blog.


A coastal town built on natural resource extraction. Recent growth and lack of local "natural peer cities." Austraila builds Perth. We build Houston?


I love this. Thank you. Perth is one of those places I used to stare at on maps and wonder about when I was eight years old -- so very far away from anywhere else!

david tiley

Ha! I walked across that wharf on January 2nd 1956...

I hope the new museum has change the exhibition philosophy. When I was there a few years ago, it was housed on the very site where the liners tied up. It had plenty of submarines and tugs etc, but almost no mention of the migrants who came ashore. To get that, we have to go up to the old Fremantle Asylum to the Fremantle History Museum.


hey..did I meet you in the freo markets? If so How random!


No. I dont think so now...but great post!

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