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Marvellous, wonderful post. Thank you, Jarrett.

What a poor thing life in these United States would be without the knowledge that there is an openness up north.

It means, among other things, that we might open someday too.


This is a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving post, from an American yet! I appreciate it as a Canadian (an immigrant too), how you've voiced the many things that are Canada. I've been reading your blog with much interest since Dave introduced you to me upon your move here, and now thought I should at last say "hello" and "welcome" to our fair Vancouver!


I speak one language and I almost never think about Canada. Your post threatens at least the latter tenet of my Americanism. Well done.


Wonderfully observed and written. Thank you.


Fabulous, JW. This Murkan loves what little of Canada (on either coast) she's seen. Thanks.


Over 20 years ago I heard the story of an English schoolteacher who, sick of Europe with its everpresent danger of nuclear war, took his young family to an island so far away that he was sure they would be safe.

He arrived at his new teaching job and his family to their new home.

The next day the Falklands War broke out.


Jarrett, I think you should celebrate your relocation with a new sidebar photo: specifically, one of you in "the simple head-covering one wears to Sikh events."

I especially enjoyed the ruminations on frontiers and borders. My geographer brother maintains that so many people in his profession tend toward anarchism simply because national borders so offend them.


Thanks everyone for the comments!

Dave, I think that it's artificial borders that offend me. Natural borders (mountains and water) make perfect sense.

Of course, what offends me is something I need to go look at. So I'll be writing more on this issue, I expect.


Thanks for that, too and for dropping into my blog. I have nothing profound to say except that I see you are another cat-loving blogger!

Laura Woodswalker

You should be saying thanks for Global Warming. In another Century, northern/arctic Canada will be prime real estate!


Canada is a place that I have only experienced through words and photographs, but even from this distance I can see that you have captured something wonderful in your writing.

Thank you



Just catching up here...this is a wonderful post and captures so much of the way I feel about my adopted country. I am very grateful for Canada this Thanksgiving!

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