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1.My Dad swears that he once saw a religious billboard that some griffiti artist had improved to read: JESUS SAVES U.S. TREASURY BONDS

2. Speaking of odd slogans, i got a decal in the mail that read:
NO FOOD, to which i could only add
and stuck it to my fridge. When my friend Chris was visiting, he said he, too, had initially been baffled by the slogan, which he took to represent some primitivist brand of anti-farmer zealotry, i.e., "No Farms! No Food!"

3. The other day I got a piece of junk mail promoting some pretentious literary magazine (almost, but not quite, an oxymoron). Right on the envelope, in big letters, it said: NO EDITOR LASTS FOR LONGER THAN ONE ISSUE. What, you take them out and shoot them?

None of these examples of bad promo campaigns are as funny - or as sad - as "Save Twice as Many Dolphins - Decal Enclosed," however. Thanks!

Save the tuna - eat sardines.


I read this earlier, and "Save twice as many dolphins" nagged at me all. day. long. Grrrr.

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