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I moved to Boston from Cambridge, England. My first job was working in an architectural office (Cambridge Seven, specializing in aquarium design). My new friends (many of them Harvard products and subjected to Jorge Silvetti's decree of "jess, but it is very very oggly" for the duration of their schooling) were more or less enthusiastic about postmodernism but nobody at all was enthusiastic about Johnson. All those repeated "cute" windows. (They all were excited about Pei and reverential about Wright, but both of those things are totally predictable, I've learned, about architects.)

I don't mind the mansard roof per se -- it's not inherently a bad solution for an element whose function is to allow rain to fall to the ground before it seeps inside -- but those apocalyptic jedi, no thanks.

Brian Miller

I rather liked the shallow, undulating, "bay window thing???" on the facade. You're not alone in finding the building ridiculous, though. Still, I'll take his sly, urbane humor over the pompous gaudiness of the other building ervyone loves to hate-Marriott :(


Does every town have something like this? I used to live in a D.C. suburb where people working in a certain office building won't admit it without a wry smile and a vague sense of embarassment. The building looks as if it were struck by a six-story bowling ball -- the indentation mars a perfectly bad shoebox of a building.

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