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Miss Bliss

Oh mah lord I can't leave you alone for a minute without you calling in the fire department! I think I know exactly what you were up to Mister!

So sorry to hear that you are unwell...but glad to hear that you are better than you were when you needed call the ambulance.


These are helpful. But, having never ridden in an ambulance, what I really want to know is: How fast did you go? Did they turn the siren on, or do they save that for actual life-threatening emergencies only? What kind of tree WAS it?



1. Not fast. I was talking, so not an emergency. However, both ambulance and firetruck did have sirens blazing en route to me.

2. See (1)

3. Eucalyptus polyanthemos. I'll add a link.


So once you got to the emergency room, how long was the wait THERE? Did you get any sleep at all that night? Sheesh. Glad to see you're missing no opportunities to botanize, however.



also true
with stomach flu:
all things shall pass

and/or be regurgitated

hope your system
bye now
is shet of
vexatious viral visitation

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