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Thanks for this engaging portrait. I'll be looking forward to future installments in the series!


I once saw a fascinating French documentary about Valparaíso--I think it was made in the early 1960s. I'm not sure there's a more vertical city anywhere. Kind of Pittsburgh gone berserk.


I want to go, I want to go!

Actually I've always wanted to go. The name enchanted me when I first saw it -- picture a seven-year-old poring over a map, and stopping to say to himself, carefully, "I am going to go *there*." But now that you've described it I want to go even more. Exactly the sort of city I like.

brian miller

Great blog linked via David Sucher!

I'll echo dale. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area (not in the City, alas $$$$$), I ABSOLUTELY love hillside cities, and Valpo has always fascinated me.


I've been wanting to go to Chile forever. This little vignette gives me yet another reason to go. I've heard bits and pieces about Valparaiso before, but now it seems just a little bit more real. I have to visit South America any way (my wife is from Brazil), so maybe Valparaiso will be part of the itinerary.

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