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Well, consider my jaw dropped, Tex Avery-style. You know Walt Lockley? Get the heck out! What a tiny little world, indeed. Walt is such a pal o'mine, although we don't chat nearly as often as we should, because I am a Bad Friend(tm). I'll have to dig into my December '03 archives for the post about Walt's November visit to New York, and the architecture crawls we went on.

Many thanks for the link, and for the comments on my lurid yellow page. I promise you, I do have other topics besides what a bad time I have at my office. Really. :)

Miss Bliss

Oh I do so love it when you get going with the words. By the by...isn't that Oskar guy who is about to become the Artist Director at the Mark Taper Forum the same Oskar that you worked with at Stanford and at the Taper ages ago?


So I follow this bread crumb trail and it leads me back here. First off, let's dispense with the civilities. Thank you for the mention. Always nice to . . . aw hell, enough of that, I want to get to the good stuff.

I look over and what do I see? Spanbauer! I've been waiting for that man to write another book for what seems like just about forever. I used to look his name up all the time, hoping, but never found a thing. I'd all but given up, I think. And now there it is. Count me in. I don't read much of anything these days, but I will take the time for Spanbauer.

Hurrah! Who needs a place to live with the new Spanbauer book in print? I'll read during the day and hold it folded over my head during the night to keep off the rain. I hope it has one of those waxy slip jackets just like The Man Who Fell In Love did.


Oh ho ho, Frank Lloyd Wrighteous, never heard that before, but back when I worked with a bunch of archetypes they practically genuflected every time his name was mentioned.

Nice to see you having such a good TIME, Jarrett.


Thanks for the comments, including from Walt Lockley offline! Yes, I did have a good time ... Perhaps I need a special blog where that's allowed :)

Stan Sitarski

If you are the author of this http://www.waltlockley.com/architecturalsculpture/figuralvincentferrer.htm,you may be interested in going to the new website for the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer in Manhattan. Sorry, the church was not open when you were here. The website for the church should be finished in a few months with more pictures of the interior.

Chair, Web Committee, Church of St. Vincent Ferrer

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