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sounds like an ideal excuse for a blogger meetup to me... I would LOVE to be in a room like this. (I once had a friend who organized her sock drawer by color. This might mark her as OCD by some but it was a beautiful thing, less arbitrary than other ways.)

(I don't do this.)

(But sometimes I wish I had enough different colors of socks to make it worth considering.)


Books about women's fashion frequently suggest that clothes closets be organized by color, but it's tougher than it looks to achieve. (What to do with all the patterns? Plus, this method uses a lot of space.) A bookstore organized by color--wow! I would love to see it. Hope you will post pictures!

When I worked in a library, it was not uncommon for patrons, when requesting help finding a book they'd seen previously, to describe the book by size/color. ("It was humorous poetry for children, about so big, and red.")


Yes, do post pictures! Sounds great.


Powell's has different color rooms.
But you don't have any real sense of color when you are in there.

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